Curriculum planner that supports and inspires teachers to design high-quality, personalized learning experiences


  • Organization: Savi
  • Time Period: March 2016 - November 2018
  • Responsibilities: Web Application Development, Web Application Design
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js
  • Website:


We continue to design and develop LaunchPad for Savi. LaunchPad is a curriculum planner for educators centered around Project Based Learning (PBL). Our responsibilities include user interface design, developing new features, and maintaining the infrastructure and apps.

Major completed phases for the LaunchPad project have been:

  • Adding the ability to copy projects
  • Adding user profiles
  • Adding support for making a project publicly viewable
  • Redesigning the project dashboard
  • Upgrading from Ember v1 to v2
  • Upgrading the API from Rails v4 to v5
  • Improving the user experience of creating projects
  • Improving application stability
  • Adding automated tests to the codebase

LaunchPad Dashboard Redesign

The architecture of the project consists of a back-end API built with Ruby on Rails and a front-end web application build with Ember.js.