Whenever I’m learning a new programming language, framework, or library, I’m often stumped with the question of, “What would be a good project for helping me learn this better and apply my new knowledge?” It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when trying to learn something new. When we learn how to play an instrument, we start with simple songs—covers or classics—and build up from there. I wanted to have the programming equivalent of 100 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners. So I made Projectbook.

Cartoon rabbit illustration with title of Projectbook and subtitle of '100+ project ideas for learning any programming language'

Projectbook is over 25k words of details, thoughts, and specifications for over 100 projects. Anytime I think of something small-to-medium in size or even just an idea of something I’d like to build one day, I put it in there. I collect related resources and design any mock-ups if I think that’d be helpful.

I’ve spent the past month adding and expanding on ideas. I’ll keep adding it in the future, but there’s plenty enough there to dig into. It’s totally free and open source.

Check out Projectbook and let me know what you think!